The Freightliner M2 4×4 stands as a formidable addition to the Pacific towing fleet, offering exceptional performance in all weather conditions, including snow. Its impressive features include two distinct sections, boasting a maximum capacity of 10 tons and the added convenience of an optional remote control function.

Winch-wise, this powerhouse is equipped with two sets of hydraulic pressure 10-ton winches, each carrying 45 meters of robust steel wire. To further enhance its versatility, it also offers an optional remote control function for seamless operation.

The wheel lift system is equally impressive, featuring three extendable belt lifts that can handle a remarkable 20-ton lifting capacity. Even when fully extended to 3 meters, it maintains an impressive 8-ton lifting capacity, along with a substantial 20-ton pulling capacity. With a full double hydro cylinder leg and two foldable front legs, this system delivers exceptional stability and adaptability. And of course, it also offers the convenience of an optional remote control function for added ease of use.