Countryside : Dump Truck Rescue
There are number of reasons why individuals find up in ditches. These factors could be speeding, inattention and some more unexpected factors beyond their control. Many people are unaware that, depending on where you are, this type of deed might possibly put you in danger. Especially, if you try to assist without the proper equipment. Similar incident happened last evening; loaded dump truck got stuck in ditch. Pacific Towing’s dispatch department got a call from the driver and he elaborated the situation about the truck. Fortunately, no one got injured and the other vehicles were safe as well. Once they confirmed us the situation, our two heavy tow rescue trucks showed up on the scene in 30 minutes to bring the truck back on road. Mark & Sam performed the job. They used all their skills and experience to take the truck back safely and securely. Two trucks were used for this winch out services. Firstly, the heavy tow wrecker was used to hold the loaded dump and the rotator was used to winch it out from the ditch. It was like, another day & another challenge which is team accepted and succeeded. The truck was securely out from the trench without any damage. The customer was very happy as his truck was on road by our team without any single damage. So, this was how we got it covered as our fame is customer’s satisfaction.