Un-Stacking Chassis
Chassis is a building block for the commercial vehicles. The vehicles like trucks, trailers etc are assembled on the base called chassis and then the structure installed for the vehicles. On a dewy rainy day, step deck trailer got stuck in the mud and broke down in the yard. The driver of the step deck truck called our team for the rescue. Once the call was received by our dispatch team, Sam & John from our team went at the breakdown location with NRC Rotator and Wrecker. When operators arrived on scene, the new two chassis were stacked on each other on a flat deck trailer. Moreover, the truck was broke due to transmission. This was a challenging job as the chassis needs to be shifted on the other flat deck trailer and then the unit to be towed at repair shop. Firstly, the chassis load was shifted with the help of rotator. The chassis were un-stacked and then moved to another trailer. Following this, once the chassis were shifted safely and securely. Secondly, the truck was winch out from the mud and then towed to the repair garage. The customer was very glad as the services were provided at its best with no damage. Lastly, the team came back at the headquarters office and dropped off the required documents as the proof and documentation to process the invoices further.