Heavy Duty Towing

“Truck, Bus and Transport towing is our claim to fame.” Regardless of whether you’re hoping to recoup a bond blender from a building site, or haul an excavator out of a sinkhole, each activity is extraordinary.

Air Cushion Recovery

Pacific towing And Recovery also offers the service of AIR CUSHION RECOVERY. It is very beneficial as it saves the precious time as well as the load.

Fuel Spill Cleanup

It is significant that oil and diesel spills are considered as most hazardous waste and are evacuated and cleaned in a sheltered and auspicious way. It proves to be a dangerous hazard if it is not cleaned straight.

Winching Out

These issues are immediately cured by our team. With our proficient, top of the line gear and winch out aptitude, Pacific’s experts can enable you to out of those predicament.

Satellite Tracking

Pacific Towing and Recovery provide GPS following support to our clients with which they can track the tow truck operators and his location without much stretch.

Flatbed Heavy Towing

The Pacific Towing And Recovery Light Duty Division dispatches a flatbed tow truck and your towing operator will properly secure your motorcycle, ensuring that your vehicle is securely towed to your destination.

Emergency Recovery

A mark highlight of our team members is our operational proficiency in taking care of connections among government organizations like flame, emergency vehicle, police, and the Ministry of Transportation.

Load Transfer

Provide load transfer services from breakdown unit to good unit. Safety with any damage compensation or loss. Contingent upon the circumstance, we will get at least one heavy-duty wrecker with recuperation blasts out to your area to verify your truck from flipping.