Are you looking for heavy towing services in Hamilton? Then you are in the right place. At Pacific Towing Whenever your vehicle is heated up and is not getting started or your vehicle breaks down then you will automatically think of getting a tow truck. Now, imagine that you got a heavy vehicle and it stopped working, then a normal tow truck will not help at all. You will have to call heavy tow trucks for this work. Heavy towing is specifically dedicated to vehicles that weigh more than 17000 lbs. These heavy towing trucks can move large vehicles and objects effortlessly. For one to do heavy towing it requires special requirements as this work needs precision and patience. Drivers of these heavy towing machines are highly skilled and they need special licenses to carry out heavy towing.



You will need heavy towing services when you have a heavy vehicle or you need to transport something very heavy.
Other than this, you can get this service when:-
1. You need to tow something very heavy quite far.
2. When your vehicle breaks down.
3. When your heavy vehicle’s engine fails.
4. Flat tires.
5. Your vehicle gets overheated.
6. Transmission Problems.
7. Vehicle accidents.


It depends upon whom you are choosing for heavy towing. If you are choosing someone with less expertise in this field, then the risk of accidents is higher. On the other hand, if the team who is doing heavy towing is experienced, they have technical knowledge of how heavy towing works, and they are using the right equipment to carry out this task then you are at a safe place.
Heavy towing is all about precautions and the right use of equipment. Heavy-duty towing is safe when the professionals are taking all precautions.


Pacific Towing and Recovery provides heavy towing with many benefits. With their professional team, they can operate in any weather, their services are very cost-effective, and their team with such technical skills are very less prone to accidents. One can trust them to transport heavy materials most safely. For Pacific Towing safety is the number one priority.

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