Some vehicles require special care, safety, and handling when towed. The Pacific Towing And Recovery Light Duty Division dispatches a flatbed tow truck and your towing operator will properly secure your motorcycle, ensuring that your vehicle is securely towed to your destination.

Bolted out of your vehicle? Utilized mistakenly, auto opens can make costly harm to your vehicle or truck. For instance, messing with an entryway can result in the sending of side airbags, harmed wiring, and scratched entryway boards. Pacific Towing’s Light Duty Division administrators are prepared to support all makes and models, new and old. Trust our experts to get you once_ again into your vehicle utilizing just suitable techniques that won’t- harm your vehicle.

Flatbed Car Towing Service in Canada?

Everyone faces car trouble at one point in time, but when your specialized vehicle breaks down and wishes to be taken for service, most frequently the simplest thanks to getting there’s by employing a flatbed towing service. Hiring flatbed towing for your car will make sure that there’s no additional wear and tear during transport, which can also increase your peace of mind.

A lot of towing companies only employ traditional wreckers, however, Canadian Towing Service features a range of flatbed’s in our fleet to suit the varied needs of all our local customers. we provide light-duty decks that are suitable for normal-sized cars, up to twenty thousand pound decks that are ready to easily transport medium-duty trucks or vehicles. within the Ottawa area, we on one of the sole premier companies that provide zero-degree flatbeds for both commercial and personal customers. With our zero-degree flatbed option, our deck lowers completely to the bottom which allows your car to be pushed or driven on the bed without the necessity for awkward inclines.


Flatbed Car towing service

Why Choose Pacific Towing for Flatbed Car Towing ?

With Pacific Towing Service, you’ll call us for a flatbed tow for your automobile any time of the day, and any day of the week. Flatbed towing is that the best thanks to transport electric cars, exotic cars, heavy-duty cars, classics or maybe performance cars and trucks.

Flatbed towing isn’t just for specialized vehicles. Anyone can have car trouble, and it can happen anywhere, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. If your car has weakened , gotten during a fender bender or otherwise become disabled, we are happy to send one among our flatbed wreckers to maneuver your car to safety, all at a rate that’s easy on the wallet.

Pacific Towing currently working in following cities of Canada for Flatbed Car Towing

We provide truck towing and bus towing services in Canada’s following cities.

  1. Burlington
  2. Caledon
  3. Hamilton
  4. Bolton
  5. Milton
  6. Toronto
  7. Brampton
  8. Oakville
  9. Mississauga

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