-Snowy conditions can pose significant challenges for drivers, making it crucial to follow safety driving tips.

– Driving in snow requires adjusting your speed to match the road conditions, as braking and accelerating can be more difficult on slippery surfaces.

– It is important to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, as stopping distances can be much longer on snowy roads.

– Clearing snow and ice from your vehicle before driving is essential, as it improves visibility and prevents snow from flying off and obstructing other drivers’ view.

– Using winter tires or chains can greatly enhance traction and control on snowy roads, reducing the risk of skidding or getting stuck.

– Turning and cornering should be done slowly and smoothly to avoid losing control of the vehicle on slippery surfaces.

– Keeping a winter stuff in your vehicle is essential such as a shovel, ice scraper etc.

– Paying attention to weather forecasts and road condition updates can help you plan your journey and avoid driving in severe snowstorms.

– Lastly, always inform someone about your travel plans and estimated arrival time when driving in snowy conditions, ensuring that someone knows your route and can check on your well-being if needed.


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