At Pacific Towing, we are commited to maintaining the highest standard of services. Our fleet comprises state-of-the-art tow-vehicles and specialized equipment tow vehicles and equipment, ensuring that we never compromise on quality. We are located in GTA. The newest models of specialist tow vehicles and equipment are in the fleet of Pacific Towing and Recovery. Our client trusts us as our services are available for you at any time and in any condition. our sole objective is client pleasure, which we know is always achieved by providing them with excellent service at a lower cost. It’s difficult for a business to do, yet Pacific Towing uses this tactic. Since we know you’ve already had a difficult day when you come to us, we work hard to ensure every part of your visit goes as smoothly as possible.

Highway Truck Towing Brampton


These are the emergency services that we provide:
Truck Towing
Recovering Air Cushions
Heavy Towing & Flatbed
Cleanup of Fuel Spills
Transfer of Load
Tracking Satellites


Customers from small, startup businesses to large, established corporations trust us. To become the Best highway Towing Organization, our top aim is maintaining customer loyalty. The decision to partner with Pacific Towing and Recovery was made for a reason by 30 of the 37 local towns, police, and fire departments. Everything from large rigs to construction equipment to farm machinery to semi-trucks—our team of professionals is extremely proficient in all facets of heavy-duty towing.
We have Professional Drivers with Certification

We are available 24*7
Superior towing assistance
Ultra-Modern Equipment
Licensed and insured in Full

Contact us right now for immediate vehicle recovery and roadside help in Brampton at any time or place. Call Us At: 905 -407- 0000