Pacific towing And Recovery also offers the service of AIR CUSHION RECOVERY. It is very beneficial as it saves the precious time as well as the load. This activity is helpful in uplifting the heavy tractor-trailers including heavy equipments and containers. The utilization of air pads makes a more noteworthy lifting zone on stacked, upset units giving the ideal instrument to deal with touchy losses and burdens. Also, It minimizes the damage to the vehicle or the container.

How Air Cushion Recovery works?

Air Cushion Recovery involves the utilization of inflatable cushions. To maneuver an important vehicle into an edge. From which it is often picked up by a crane or other piece. of kit to be placed on a heavy-duty towing trailer. Uninflated cushions are placed underneath the damaged or flipped truck. Then the air is pumped into them. Because the cushions inflate, they move the truck into position. When the cushions are inflated uniformly, they add stability to the truck in order that it’s safer to maneuver. Once the truck within the desired position, heavy machinery can safely be wont to put the truck on the towing vehicle.

air cushion recovery in canada

Benefits of Air Cushion Recovery

One of the foremost important benefits of air cushion vehicle. recovery is that it makes the method safer for everybody involved. Another significant advantage is that air cushions allow towing. to happen without emptying the cargo within the truck. The air cushions can handle the extra weight of the cargo. And cause minimal jostling, reducing the danger that the cargo are going to be damaged. This helps commercial trucking companies revisit deliveries faster. This service is additionally ideal for towing heavy. vehicles in remote areas and difficult terrains.

Pacific Towing currently working in following cities of Canada

We provide truck towing and bus towing services in Canada’s following cities.

  1. Burlington
  2. Caledon
  3. Hamilton
  4. Bolton
  5. Milton
  6. Toronto
  7. Brampton
  8. Oakville
  9. Mississauga

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