As we approach the Family Day long weekend, a time when many people gather with their loved ones to celebrate and enjoy quality time together, it is essential to prioritize the safety of ourselves and others by refraining from drinking and driving. By making responsible choices and ensuring that we have a plan in place to get home safely, we can help prevent accidents and protect the lives of those around us. Designating a sober driver, using public transportation, or arranging for a taxi or rideshare service are all viable options that can help us avoid the risks associated with impaired driving. By refraining from drinking and driving, we not only protect ourselves and our loved ones but also contribute to the overall safety and well-being of our community.

Let us make this Family Day long weekend a memorable one for all the right reasons. By driving responsibly and securely back to our homes, we can ensure that our celebrations are filled with joy and happiness, free from the devastating consequences of drinking and driving. Together, let us make responsible choices and protect the well-being of our loved ones and the community as a whole.

Apart from this, Due to the presence of icy conditions and chances of snowfall, the current weather conditions pose a significant risk for driving. The combination of these factors creates hazardous road conditions, making it unsafe for individuals to operate vehicles. In case you get stuck on roads, highways or streets, give us a call @ 905-407-0000 as we are able 24/7 at your service including towing, lockouts, mobile repairs or jump starts etc.





-Snowy conditions can pose significant challenges for drivers, making it crucial to follow safety driving tips.

– Driving in snow requires adjusting your speed to match the road conditions, as braking and accelerating can be more difficult on slippery surfaces.

– It is important to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, as stopping distances can be much longer on snowy roads.

– Clearing snow and ice from your vehicle before driving is essential, as it improves visibility and prevents snow from flying off and obstructing other drivers’ view.

– Using winter tires or chains can greatly enhance traction and control on snowy roads, reducing the risk of skidding or getting stuck.

– Turning and cornering should be done slowly and smoothly to avoid losing control of the vehicle on slippery surfaces.

– Keeping a winter stuff in your vehicle is essential such as a shovel, ice scraper etc.

– Paying attention to weather forecasts and road condition updates can help you plan your journey and avoid driving in severe snowstorms.

– Lastly, always inform someone about your travel plans and estimated arrival time when driving in snowy conditions, ensuring that someone knows your route and can check on your well-being if needed.


In case after all the safety measure are taken, if you still gets stuck and require the tow or roadside service Pacific Towing and Recovery got you covered as we are just a phone call away assisting 24/7 in the areas of GTA including all the Sider Road, Highways (Hwy 410 / Hwy 401 / Hwy 427 / Hwy 50 etc) and other outskirt areas Milton, Halton Hills, Georgetown, Orangeville and many more.


Throughout the day, the weather will remain sunny with wind gusts reaching up to 10km/h. In fact, the temperature is expected to rise to three degrees Celsius. This rise in temperature can be attributed to the combination of the cloudy skies, wind gusts, and also it is expected to be cloudy later in the afternoon. It is important to take this into account when planning outdoor activities or commuting. Currently, visibility is clear, meaning that there are no obstructions or fog hindering the ability to see clearly. However, there is a possibility of foggy conditions later in the evening, specifically in the vicinity of Hwy 10. This means that as the day progresses and evening approaches, there is a chance that fog may develop in the area surrounding Hwy 10 near Orangeville, Georgetown and surrounding streets of Airport Road and Sider Road.  Fog can reduce visibility significantly, making it difficult to see the road and other objects. This can pose a potential hazard for drivers and pedestrians in the area.


Each day brings a new set of obstacles to overcome, and today was no different. A truck had met with an unfortunate accident and was in dire need of transportation to the repair shop.

The truck was in such a condition that it couldn’t be driven and had no tires, making it necessary to employ the use of two trucks. One truck was responsible for lifting the damaged vehicle, while the other served as a float truck to transport it safely. The task was assigned on a Sunday evening in Milton, with the ultimate destination being the repair shop in Mississauga. The team of experienced professionals spared no effort in providing top-notch services, and their dedication paid off as the customer was left extremely satisfied with the outcome.
If you are in Ontario, especially near Brampton, Mississauga or Toronto and require efficient and reliable heavy equipment transportation or towing services, Pacific Towing is the company you can trust to get the job done.

In North York, Ontario, near Keele Street, a truck hauling a fully loaded trailer experienced a devastating rollover accident. The trailer was carrying a valuable cargo of produce that needed to be delivered promptly. However, the unfortunate incident occurred due to unforeseen circumstances, resulting in the driver sustaining injuries. Swift action was taken, and an ambulance was immediately called to send the injured driver to the hospital for medical attention.

Rapid Response on Keele: Tow Trucks Tackle Trailer Rollover

To address the aftermath of the rollover, a heavy-duty tow truck was required to lift and recover the overturned trailer. Our team of highly skilled and experienced operators swiftly arrived at the scene with the heavy-duty wrecker tow truck, equipped to handle such challenging situations. With their expertise and specialized equipment, they efficiently worked to lift the trailer and recover it from its precarious position.

As a result of the accident, traffic had to be redirected to an alternate route to ensure the safety of other vehicles and facilitate the recovery process. Our team coordinated with local authorities to implement the necessary traffic diversions, minimizing disruptions and ensuring the smooth flow of vehicles in the area. Despite the unfortunate incident, our dedicated team remained committed to resolving the situation promptly and professionally, prioritizing the safety of all involved and the timely clearing of the traffic.

Bus tow!
Have you ever found yourself stranded on a side road during a road trip, pondering the question of where to find the most reputable towing company in close proximity? Pacific Towing And Recovery assures prompt, amicable, and cost-effective towing services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our skilled team guarantees swift and dependable emergency towing services.
In today’s discourse, we shall delve into the topic of bus towing, a matter of utmost importance in the realm of transportation. The purpose of this blog is to shed light on the intricacies and implications associated with the towing of buses, thereby providing a comprehensive understanding of this phenomenon.
First and foremost, it is imperative to acknowledge the significance of bus towing in ensuring the smooth functioning of public transportation systems. When a bus becomes immobilized due to mechanical failure or any other unforeseen circumstance, it is essential to promptly remove it from the road to prevent disruptions and potential hazards. Towing serves as a vital solution in such situations, allowing for the swift removal of the incapacitated bus and the restoration of normal traffic flow.
Moreover, the process of bus towing necessitates adherence to a set of regulations and guidelines to ensure safety and efficiency. Professional tow truck operators, equipped with the necessary expertise and specialized equipment, are entrusted with the responsibility of executing this task. They must exercise caution and precision to avoid any damage to the bus or surrounding infrastructure during the towing process. Additionally, compliance with traffic laws and regulations is of utmost importance to guarantee the safety of all road users involved.
Furthermore, it is crucial to address the potential challenges and considerations associated with bus towing. The size and weight of buses pose unique challenges compared to towing smaller vehicles. Therefore, tow truck operators must possess the requisite knowledge and experience to handle these larger vehicles effectively. Additionally, the availability of suitable towing equipment capable of accommodating buses is a crucial factor to consider.

Excavator : Mechanical Failure

The machinery experienced a mechanical failure, resulting in its inability to function. Weighing 95,000 pounds, the machine encountered difficulties in initiating its operations. Furthermore, the boom mechanism failed to operate as intended. Consequently, it became necessary to transfer the machine onto an alternative flatbed for further evaluation and repair. Upon contacting our dispatch, our team of experts delivered exceptional services to our esteemed customer. Following the completion of our services, the customer expressed their satisfaction and contentment with the work performed. Our team takes great pride in delivering high-quality services and ensuring customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to upholding our reputation as a dependable and professional service provider, and we remain committed to meeting the needs of our valued customers. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers and eagerly anticipate the continuation of providing exceptional services in the future.

Un-Stacking Chassis
Chassis is a building block for the commercial vehicles. The vehicles like trucks, trailers etc are assembled on the base called chassis and then the structure installed for the vehicles. On a dewy rainy day, step deck trailer got stuck in the mud and broke down in the yard. The driver of the step deck truck called our team for the rescue. Once the call was received by our dispatch team, Sam & John from our team went at the breakdown location with NRC Rotator and Wrecker. When operators arrived on scene, the new two chassis were stacked on each other on a flat deck trailer. Moreover, the truck was broke due to transmission. This was a challenging job as the chassis needs to be shifted on the other flat deck trailer and then the unit to be towed at repair shop. Firstly, the chassis load was shifted with the help of rotator. The chassis were un-stacked and then moved to another trailer. Following this, once the chassis were shifted safely and securely. Secondly, the truck was winch out from the mud and then towed to the repair garage. The customer was very glad as the services were provided at its best with no damage. Lastly, the team came back at the headquarters office and dropped off the required documents as the proof and documentation to process the invoices further.

Countryside : Dump Truck Rescue
There are number of reasons why individuals find up in ditches. These factors could be speeding, inattention and some more unexpected factors beyond their control. Many people are unaware that, depending on where you are, this type of deed might possibly put you in danger. Especially, if you try to assist without the proper equipment. Similar incident happened last evening; loaded dump truck got stuck in ditch. Pacific Towing’s dispatch department got a call from the driver and he elaborated the situation about the truck. Fortunately, no one got injured and the other vehicles were safe as well. Once they confirmed us the situation, our two heavy tow rescue trucks showed up on the scene in 30 minutes to bring the truck back on road. Mark & Sam performed the job. They used all their skills and experience to take the truck back safely and securely. Two trucks were used for this winch out services. Firstly, the heavy tow wrecker was used to hold the loaded dump and the rotator was used to winch it out from the ditch. It was like, another day & another challenge which is team accepted and succeeded. The truck was securely out from the trench without any damage. The customer was very happy as his truck was on road by our team without any single damage. So, this was how we got it covered as our fame is customer’s satisfaction.

On Saturday mid-night, Volvo truck along with several more trucks caught fire. This was unexpected incident which resulted wholesome damage of the several other trucks and trailers. The main reasons of fire could be brakes, wheel bearings, air leaks, engine or tires. Proper maintenance can reduce the risk of fire. The numbers of trucks were parked at yard on Howard Road, Burlington. Suddenly, one of the trucks caught fire due to some mechanical spark out which resulted in the huge fire resulting the massive damage of all the trucks and trailers present on the site. Emergency crews were called after receiving reports of thick black smoke coming from the area. Pacific Towing And Recovery provided an immediate response. Joe and Mark reached on scene at an appropriate time with the NRC Rotator and NRC 50 Ton to recover the units and ensure the further safety. It is unclear what started the blaze or if there were any injuries.
We cover all types of accidents, rollovers, or any urgent situation. We have fully certified and trained staff with a quick response team.