Are you looking for the best towing service near Georgetown? Then you are at the right place. Pacific Towing provides elite services regarding the towing of vehicles, via the latest tow vehicles and equipment. Now imagine your truck or large vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, at that time Pacific Towing and Recovery will be at your service. We incorporate all the latest tow trucks which are needed to extract all types of vehicles, and an expert team who carries out the operation with the utmost care, ensuring that the vehicle doesn’t get damaged.

Heavy Tow Georgetown, Ontario

What are the advantages of choosing heavy tow services?

Heavy towing is the process of vehicles that need heavy-duty trucks, standard tow trucks are not designed to carry heavy large trucks. A standard tow truck carries 17000 lbs or less whereas a heavy-duty truck carries way more than that. Thus, heavy towing is the best option to for moving your truck or large vehicle when it stops working. Heavy tow services require professional knowledge and skills, without the appropriate skills the vehicles are prone to get damaged or accidents. At Pacific Towing and Recovery, we provide reliable services and comprise a professional team for providing such services.

These services are available 24/7, which means that despite of the time or weather you can access our services with ease and our team will reach out to you without wasting any time. As these services are performed by experts and licensed drivers, they are highly reliable. Our drivers make sure that the vehicle is moved safely and without any harm caused to it.

Other services provided by Pacific Towing:

You can avail of our other services as well.
Recovery by air cushion
Fuel Spill Cleanup
Winching Out
Emergency recovery
Load Transfer
Satellite Tracking
Flatbed car towing
Mobile Repair

Why Choose Us?

Pacific Towing and Recovery aims to provide world-class services to customers and to achieve maximum satisfaction from the clients. We prioritize the needs and safety of clients and their property over anything else. Our services are available to you throughout the whole year, plus we provide quick services so you won’t have to wait much longer. We keep updating our equipment from time to time, thus giving you the best services at all times.

For more information regarding heavy tow Georgetown Ontario, contact us: 905-407-0000