Are you looking for a heavy towing in Halton Hill? Then this place is for you. At Pacific Towing, We as a team understand how important time is, and we also understand that getting ready to tow professionally in hectic situations is quite important, that is why, in Pacific Towing and Recovery, you will get your truck towed most smoothly at very affordable prices. If you get into any roadside emergency like an accident, auto lockout, and more, the Pacific Team is always there for you 24/7 in any all weathers. heavy towing is very helpful in moving heavy trucks to the safest place. This towing service requires a certain level of skills and equipment, and our team knows this very clearly. Hence, we invested in the best equipment possible along with the most professional team, so that, we can get the best out of them.

No matter how big a truck we have to tow, the prices for towing it are always not so high. Here you will get this service at the most affordable prices. We provide heavy towing service most adequately. Your vehicle will not get further or damaged at all. We seek safety while towing any heavy-duty vehicle.
heavy towing halton hill


The Pacific team knows how important time is in critical situations. Also, we understand that trucks may travel at odd times too. So, we provide our heavy-duty towing service day to night without taking a single holiday. Our team is also active in all seasons to help you out in such situations where you can’t trust anyone except a professional towing company. At Pacific Towing and Recovery you will get solutions to any situation, no matter how simple or complex it is.


For such complex towing tasks, you should not trust anyone except a professional towing company with the most talented and experienced employees. Even though we are a 20-year-old company we are still updating ourselves with the latest equipment, to deal with the latest problems. You can get several benefits if you give us a chance for towing; such as you can get the best service at a very affordable price. As mentioned above, we are constantly updating ourselves, that is, we can carry out any heavy truck towing task.

For more information regarding towing services please contact us or call us: at 905-407-0000 | 905-541-0000