Throughout the day, the weather will remain sunny with wind gusts reaching up to 10km/h. In fact, the temperature is expected to rise to three degrees Celsius. This rise in temperature can be attributed to the combination of the cloudy skies, wind gusts, and also it is expected to be cloudy later in the afternoon. It is important to take this into account when planning outdoor activities or commuting. Currently, visibility is clear, meaning that there are no obstructions or fog hindering the ability to see clearly. However, there is a possibility of foggy conditions later in the evening, specifically in the vicinity of Hwy 10. This means that as the day progresses and evening approaches, there is a chance that fog may develop in the area surrounding Hwy 10 near Orangeville, Georgetown and surrounding streets of Airport Road and Sider Road.  Fog can reduce visibility significantly, making it difficult to see the road and other objects. This can pose a potential hazard for drivers and pedestrians in the area.