Pacific Towing is a fleet of the latest model specialized tow vehicles and equipment. When large commercial vehicles, such as semi-trucks or tractor-trailers, break down, are involved in an accident, or require help, big-rig towing is the process of pulling and transferring the vehicles. Due to their greater and heavier weight than typical passenger cars, towing and recovering these trucks requires particular knowledge and skill. Heavy-duty tow trucks, often called recovery trucks, are suitable for hauling large trucks. To lift and tow large trucks, these trucks are equipped with powerful winches, booms, and other equipment. Heavy towing is a vital service that keeps the roads safe and open when large commercial trucks break down. These towing companies usually have 24/7 hours to support truck drivers and transportation companies when assistance is needed.

Big Rig Towing Scarborough

How is Heavy towing beneficial?

Economy of Cost

It is possible that you would assume big-rig towing is more costly than standard towing. Big-rig towing can occasionally be less expensive than alternative towing options. When you use a towing company regularly, you pay for their time and petrol. However, with big-rig towing, all you need to pay for is the driver’s time.

Services Offered by Licensed Drivers

The towing industry carries significant risks. If done incorrectly, it may cause harm to the people involved or damage the car. It’s imperative that you only utilize drivers with licenses when needing to tow large vehicles. Towing automobiles safely is within the experience and knowledge of licensed drivers. Additionally, they are skilled in correctly securing the vehicle to prevent it from falling off the truck while being transported. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that your car is in capable hands when you contact a qualified big-rig towing company.

On-time Services

The fact that big-rig towing typically allows for significantly speedier car towing than standard towing services is another advantage. Regular towing companies are not as resourceful and manpower-rich as big-rig towing organizations. As a result, they can answer your phone far more quickly and arrange for a prompt tow of your car. As opposed to using standard towing services, this will allow you to get back on the road considerably sooner.

Safe Car Transportation

You may feel secure knowing that your car will be delivered to its destination securely when you choose big-rig towing. Heavy-duty vehicle transport is the purpose of big-rig tow trucks. They have the tools needed to transfer your car securely. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about your car getting harmed in transit. Moreover, there’s no reason to worry about it falling off the truck.

Carry Out Activities in Any Weather

You may arrange for a tow at any time of day or night for your vehicle, big-rig towing businesses are open. If you require a car tow, you can contact them even in the middle of the night. Towing vehicles with large loads are also outfitted to work in any kind of weather.

Services In Scarborough, Ontario

Towing: Towing large commercial vehicles is the main offering. This may be the result of several things, including mishaps, unlawful parking, and breakdowns.
Load Securement: A key component of  Heavy towing is making sure the load on a trailer is securely fastened and suitable for transit.
24/7 Emergency Service: Due to the unpredictable nature of breakdowns and accidents, a lot of heavy-duty towing businesses provide 24/7 emergency services to help truck drivers in need.
Load Shifts: One typical service heavy-duty towing firms offer is adjusting the load on a trailer to guarantee appropriate weight distribution and safety during transportation.
Environmental Cleanup: In addition to transporting damaged cars, towing companies may offer cleanup services in the event of hazardous substance spills or accidents involving chemical cargo.
Winching and Recovery: Towing firms can offer winching and recovery services for automobiles that are in difficult-to-reach places, stalled, or flipped.

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