Are you searching for the best highway truck towing company in North York? Then you hit the right place. At Pacific Towing, we comprehend the frustration and stress that comes with being stranded on the highway. That’s why we offer reliable and efficient highway truck towing services in North York. Our team has the necessary tools and knowledge to address any truck towing requirements. Our flatbed tow trucks are equipped with cutting-edge technology to guarantee safe and secure transportation of your vehicle without any damage. Moreover, Our heavy-duty tow trucks are made to tow sizable vehicles, such as buses and truck trailers.



Our Highway Truck Tow Services, Including

  • Truck Towing
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Heavy-Duty Towing
  • Emergency Towing
  • Recovering Air Cushions
  • Clean up of Fuel Spills
  • Transfer of Load

Why Choose Us

When it comes to towing your vehicle, it’s imperative to choose a professional towing company that has the experience and expertise to handle the task in a safe and efficient manner. That’s why at Pacific Towing, we have a team of skilled and seasoned professionals who are wholly committed to delivering the utmost level of service to our esteemed clientele.

Contact Us

If you require dependable and effective truck towing services in North York, There is no need to search any further than Pacific Towing. We are also available on Yonge Street between Finch and Sheppard Avenue, North York. We are always available to assist you with all your towing needs quickly and affordably 24/7. Attempting to tow your vehicle independently can be hazardous and may result in damage, so feel free to contact us at any time anywhere and in any condition.