Did your truck break down in the middle of the road or at the stranded area near Brampton? Pacific Towing’s high-tech technicians are here to rescue you. We specialize in heavy towing. Our team of highly experienced and skilled staff is known for their magnificent performance and impeccable craftsmanship that gets the job done safely and efficiently. We possess expertise in various scenarios, including overturned propane tankers, trailer lifts, and handling jack-knifed tractor-trailers. Our technicians undergo specialized training in fuel tanker roll-over training, LPG emergency response, transportation of dangerous goods, and other related areas.


Heavy Tow Brampton


What is a Heavy Duty Tow?

Sizeable vehicles especially the ones running on more than six wheels require heavy-duty towing. There are various categories of towing depending on the vehicle type mainly light, medium, and heavy. A heavy tow (also known as heavy-duty tow) is required by vehicles having a considerable size and weight like semi trucks, buses, heavy equipment, garbage trucks, RV’s and trailers, and commercial trucks. Heavy-duty towing requires special equipment and expertise for large-scale vehicles. This truck can carry loads from 26000 lbs to 33000 lbs.


What to evaluate while choosing the right heavy-duty towing program?

Given the nature of its complexity choose a roadside coverage that optimizes, speedy recovery, quality service, nationwide coverage, and process transparency.

– Transparency: Ensuring transparency in the job process is vital, particularly in the field. In these situations, numerous factors can cause delays, and having transparency can help make informed business decisions. With advanced technologies, seek solutions like SMS alerts: digital portals, and in-app messaging.

–  Quality and speed: Businesses must gain confidence in their customers by providing them with high-quality services and a large fleet that moves quickly and easily to match the incident types promptly.


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