On Friday Evening (September 08, 2023) at around 7 pm, a heavy-duty loaded commercial vehicle slid into the ditch on the highway and two people got injured. The trailer was loaded with produce. When Pacific Towing arrived on the scene, they found a chaotic situation requiring immediate attention. The injured individuals were quickly assessed for any life-threatening injuries and provided necessary medical aid.

Meanwhile, our team commenced the process of securing the accident site, ensuring the safety of all involved. The truck in the ditch was safely secured with chains and lifted up. Law enforcement personnel established a temporary traffic control zone to divert vehicles and maintain the smooth flow of traffic. Skilled technicians deployed specialized equipment to extricate the commercial vehicle safely, minimizing the risk of further damage.
To ensure a thorough investigation, traffic investigators arrived promptly to collect evidence, examine the crash site, and interview witnesses. Their meticulous efforts aimed to determine the causes and contributing factors behind this unfortunate incident. This information will aid in enhancing safety measures on highways, minimizing the likelihood of similar accidents in the future.
At all times, the safety and well-being of the injured parties and crashed vehicles remained the top priority for Pacific Towing. We worked diligently to stabilize the situation.