In today’s contemporary world, companies need to be prepared for any difficult or emergency situation. Truck Rollovers are one of them. Truck rollovers occur in distinct circumstances linked to a truck’s stability during cornering or turning, influenced by factors like its center of gravity and track width. Truck rollovers are unique accidents that occur in specific circumstances related to a truck’s stability when navigating corners, curves, or making turns. The stability of a truck is influenced by factors such as its center of gravity and track width, which is the distance between its right and left wheels. A few weeks ago, a similar rollover happened where Pacific Towing And Recovery provided an immediate response to fix the pinch. The live bottom rolled over in a gravel pit which was jeopardy. Team members of Pacific Towing reached on scene at an appropriate time with the NRC Rotator and NRC 50 Ton to recover the unit. As such, it was of utmost concern to recover the truck and live bottom trailer and remove the debris and pollutants as quickly and safely as possible. Once on the scene, our Hazmat crew members immediately began dealing with the spill of hazardous fluids in order to contain them and prevent them from spreading any further down in the gravel pit. Speedy dry absorbent was spread underneath the leaking areas to create dikes around the pools of hazardous fluids. After all of the fuel was removed, our HAZMAT truck was relocated to the scene in order to allow for further recovery units to perform tasks. Our NRC rotator & and NRC Slidder were set up. Firstly, we have unloaded the live bottom as it was loaded with gravel. Then hooked up the trailer by removing the axles in order for secure recovery. Chains and Straps were used in order to secure the unit. In addition, several more absorbants were used over the entire affected area where there was still oil & and fuel. All the contaminated speedy dry absorbant was swept up & and placed into HAZMAT Drums to be disposed of.

As unfortunate incident preparedness is critical today, Pacific Towing covers you with immediate response, 24 hours a day & and 7 days a week. We cover all types of accidents, rollovers, or any urgent situation. We have fully certified and trained staff with a quick response team.