If you are looking for the best heavy towing in King City, Ontario. Then the Pacific is the perfect option for you. We understand the importance of your truck, you depend on your truck to keep your business going. That’s why if your truck breaks down or gets hit, you need the best and prompt service that we provide. We have a professional and experts on our team who provide the best heavy towing service which is worth your money. Top-quality level of heavy towing equipment service provided by us.

Towing capacity

The typical towing capacity is 17,000 pounds. Most of the time there is a possibility of an accident while towing vehicles, the reason behind this is not using the right equipment. But if you work with the right skills and knowledge you will succeed in towing.


Accident recovery
Accidents in transportation are unavoidable. Truck accidents on public roadways also impact other drivers. To expeditiously resolve your truck accident, you want a team of heavy towing experts. The Abrams Accident Recovery crew does an excellent job of recovering your eighteen-wheeler from the scene of an accident. With years of expertise resolving truck accidents, our team of heavy hauling experts will clear the scene fast and effectively. We recognize how critical it is to get your truck back on the road while causing the least amount of disruption to other drivers. You can rely on the Pacific Accident Recovery crew to retrieve your 18-wheeler safely and efficiently.
These are some more services which are provided by us:

Recovery of air cushion
Towing, Fuel spill cleanup
Load transfer
Satellite tracking
Flatbed & heavy towing

Why choose us?

For towing services, Pacific Towing is the most effective and reliable. Our happy customers are proof of the services we offer. Throughout the year, trained teams, vehicles, and equipment work together to guarantee that the best services are provided.
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